Aerial photography by drones from a bird's eye view

Every year, thousands of tourists pass through Chernobyl and Pripyat. They see what happened to the once flourishing city 30 years from the moment when life in the usual sense left this place. But life is there, it’s just different.
We propose a new look at the many objects that already seem ordinary. SEE THE LIFE OF CHERNOBYL FROM THE HEIGHT OF THE BIRD’S EYE. We will show you an absolutely unusual Pripyat. Five years ago you could only dream about it, but new technologies and creative vision are capable to create amazing miracles. We present you our new project CHERNOBYL ZONE – RADIOACTIVE FLY TEAM.
Dipping into the atmosphere of the flight will help our drone DJI Phantom 4. In each individual tour you can shoot the objects that you choose.
Spanning over the streets of Pripyat, and over the same named river, or remote corners of the Zone – we will help to shoot everything from the best perspective.
The project Radioactive Team can proudly say that we are the only ones who are engaged in the implementation of such an important project in the Zone: the preparation of photographic materials, exhibitions, special videos, and, of course, filming with a drone. Our videos are used by various authors to prepare presentations; photos are published on official brochures about the CEZ and are used for the information stand on the territory at the checkpoint “Dityatki” (entrance to the 30-km exclusion zone).

In addition to shooting the Zone, we are ready to work throughout Ukraine. We are mobile and technically equipped. The video is recorded in D-log format, which allows you to apply color correction and post-processing effects. On the ground you can shoot with Canon 5D MK II camera, and a set of lenses will help realize all the creative ideas. An interval shooting option is available, or a so-called time-lapse video (to create an accelerated motion effect).

  • The shooting is done on drone DJI Phantom 4 (up to 4K video).
  • On the ground the shooting can be done on the Canon 5D MK II with a set of lenses.
  • Mobility – transport and the possibility to come to any place in Ukraine.
  • Equipment – a generator for full field work.

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