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The trips to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone leave an unforgettable impression on the visitors of these places. The opportunity to see first-hand the extraordinary post-apocalyptic world of the territory abandoned by man due to the massive technological disaster doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Each trip to the Zone is a kind of unusual adventure you will remember for a lifetime. The connection with a bygone era, the USSR open-air museum, the monument of the world’s largest man-made disaster, visualization of the stalker’s creativity, the post-apocalyptic aesthetics of the abandoned city, the reflection of grief and pain – these are just a few examples of attributes and associations of the modern Zone of Alienation. Traveling to these places has become a real cult classic among extreme tourism lovers. Every year tens of thousands “nuclear tourists” visit the Exclusion Zone and none of them are disappointed in the quality of these trips. Concrete landscapes of the abandoned Pripyat city, the iron cobwebs of the “Duga” radar, the secrets of abandoned villages and dramatic view of the Chernobyl NPP are amazing on their own, but the experience in the Zone depends heavily on the official escort that will make your trip more impressive and unforgettable. The presence of an official travel companion is an obligatory requirement, regulated by the order of the Exclusion Zone visiting. The official escort is responsible for the safety of the group, provides necessary information about the current state of the Exclusion Zone and the radiation situation in these areas. In addition, the official attendant is a kind of travel moderator. Success of the tour is part of his/her job. A good escort is, first of all, the guide who will make you come back to see more, learn more, and feel the atmosphere of such a unique place as the Chernobyl Zone. And we are really proud that many visitors of the Zone who have traveled with us are coming back once again to enjoy the energy and culture of the modern Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. At the moment on our project there are 5 official guides: Yuriy Tatarchuk, Anton Yuhimenko, Katerina Kotelnikova, Elisabeth Taivas and Yan Chuev.

Yuriy Tatarchuk / Supreme Guide

Yuriy Tatarchuk has been working in the Chernobyl Zone since 1997. Yuriy stood at the origin Chernobyl tourism emergence. He was one the first who suggested the concept of trips to the Zone to teach people about the Chernobyl problem and its current state. In the past only official specialists and authorized representatives of the media could come to the Zone, but since the beginning of the 2000s trips to the Chernobyl Zone have been made more available. More than twenty years of work in the Zone turned Yuriy into the one of the most highly skilled specialists in the history of the Exclusion Zone. There is likely no place in the Chernobyl Zone, where Yuriy hasn’t been yet. For him, there are no secrets in the Zone, and he is happy to share his knowledge with the guests of Chernobyl and Pripyat. Yuriy himself has become a cult figure of Chernobyl tourism. In 2012, a fantastic film “Chernobyl Diaries” appeared on television screens, where American visitors were accompanied to the Zone by a character named Yuriy. His professional and personal traits made Yuriy a recognizable figure far beyond the Zone of Alienation. His pedagogical past and unsurpassed humor has led to a high level of communication skills in work with visitors to the Zone. Any of the tourists, who once went on trips with Tatarchuk will remember this cheerful and positive guide. Each excursion to the Zone is a new story, new scenery and personalized phrases. The development of unique routes, positive atmosphere in the group, and the countless number of stories and tales accumulated for over than 20 years of work will make your trip to the Exclusion Zone really memorable. To see the Zone through the eyes of a man who gave her more than 20 years of his life is truly an impressive and spectacular thing.

Anton Yuhimenko / Radioactive Creator

Anton Yuhimenko has been working as an official guide of the Exclusion Zone since 2006. Once upon a time, more than 11 years ago, Anton was an ordinary tourist from the Ukrainian capital, when he took a tour bus to the Exclusion Zone. And then there was the second trip, the third, the fourth…The Zone of Alienation impressed him and Anton decided to tie his life to the Zone, working here as an official travel companion. Usually on the trips between guide and the visitors of the Zone there is some small distance, because the official status of a guide makes them strictly follow the working order. But Anton is always friendly and openhearted to the tour groups, because he belongs to the universe of those who came as ordinary participants of these trips.
In addition, Anton Yuhimenko is rightfully included to the so-called unofficial Top Photographers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone list. On many websites and resources devoted to the topic of the Chernobyl Zone, you can find fantastic shots from the Zone and drone videos, made personally by Anton during official trips. By the way, after the excursion you can get memorable souvenirs with symbols of Chernobyl Zone, also designed by Anton, which for a long time will remind you about the incredible adventure to the post-apocalyptic uninhabited world you had with this amazing guide. For Anton this is not just a job, it is his whole life. Probably, no one like him will help you to feel the unique atmosphere of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. He loves this place more than anyone, and he will teach you to see this special abandoned beauty.

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