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Reviewsfrom our radioactive tourists

“I was happy to travel back to the history”
It was my third trip to Chernobyl. I`ve decided to have more than one day in. But I`d chosen Radioactive Team first. What the surprise - I`ve got complitely new aspacts of Pripyat and Russian Woodpeacker ( we have explored all caves and dangeons there). Thanks to Yuriy and Anton - You are great guides and interesting persons. (It was nice - both guys speak good English and couple of my travelmates speak English too- I apreciate You)
John L >

“Perfect tour of the Chernobyl area”
We were two adventurous men who ordered this guide from home, and we were not disapointed. You will be far better of than some of the other "big group tours". You will get to see much more and in your own pace. If you have questions or want to see something special they will help as best as they can. The two guides that accompanied us knew alot about the area and have great experience. They know the area of what to avoid and where to go. As buildings can be dangerous because they start to fall down it is important to have experienced guides with you.
I have supplied this post with some pictures.
Have a good trip !

“Perfect 2-day Photography Tour”
Anton and Sergei were excellent guides for a two-day tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. A private tour allowed me to focus on the panoramas that I wanted to shoot and they did everything they could to get me to the best locations. The perfect balance of having fun and being productive. If I ever have the opportunity to return, I'd hire them both again without hesitation.

“Excellent tour - deep and knowledgeable”
We went with Chernobyl Zone when booking our tour of The Zone, and they did not dissapoint - starting with pick-up at the airport (and they dropped us off, too!), super-comfortable SUV, educational films on board that totally set us in the mood, and, most importantly, our super-educated and charismatic guide Yuri Tatarchuck, almost native of The Zone (although I am super-confident that their other guides are as good), they led us on unforgettable tour through Chernobyl, Pripyat and secret soviet army base (including excellent dinner at the authentic "stolovaya"). Definetely recommend!
Sergejs T

We, 3 guys, booked a private trip. We did so as we arrived at Kiev Airport at 0800, so a grouptour was not possible.
We were picked up by Yuriy Tatarchuck and the (good) driver, dropped luggage at Grace Appartments (excellent place near the airport!) in Boryspil city and off we went.
The Mercedes Van was excellent and included a tv. We watched the Chernobyl documentary and arrived in Chernobyl at 1130.
I can explain what we saw and did, but that is impossible, check out some pics I include. You have to experience yourself.
But without the enthusiasm, knowledge, flexibility and curiosity of Yuriy the trip would certainly be 50% less interesting.
As we had a private tour we were very flexible, did not have to wait for others and changed the itinirairy when others were around. So we went almost everywhere!
After Chernobyl we had a small citytour in Kiev and were dropped at Grace Apartments at 2130, had dinner and flew back home at 0545.
Very impressive trip!!!
Communication with Chernobyl Zone was speedy, clear, flexible and nice. It is a small company and they want to keep it that way.
Thanks Yuriy Tatarchuck!!!


“Day Trip To Chernobyl Exclusion Zone”
If you are in the vicinity of Kiev, then try to find a day at least to participate in one of these tours. It is a very long day, but really worth the cost. It is utterly fascinating, will bust a few myths about the area and is entirely safe. Our guide was sensational, looked after us well and was full of amazing, personal stories about the events connected with the disaster as well as factual accounts. I was so motivated by our tour by Chernobyl Tour, that i had to write it all down in a blog. (Its called the Chernobyl Day Tripper and has no commercial gain attached to it. It just documents the realities of these tours). I really want to go back to the "Zone" but take a 2 day tour next time.
Rhona M

“Best guide ever!”
I will comment on the company since there are so many reviews about Chernobyl itself. When my friend and I booked our tour with this company, we were nervous that it was so much cheaper than other companies (we wondered why). Then when we paid via their site, we had an issue with being overcharged (maybe something to do with 3 different currencies being used or Ukrainian exchange rates- I don't know) and we thought we made a huge mistake. But we talked to the company many times via email and they were great about getting it all sorted out. They gave us back our payment in UAH and we gave them US dollars on the day of the tour - everything was easy. As for the company on tour day....they were perfect! Our group had 31 people which sounds big but it wasn't. We had a big, nice comfortable travel bus with bathroom (very important on this trip). We saw all the sights that most of the tours see - and managed to get in everything on the list, even the stuff they said "maybe" about. But the best thing was Yuri - our guide. We had 2 guides - both were really nice, helpful and funny. But Yuri, who met us when we got to Chernobyl, was outstanding. He made our trip 10 times better than it would have been otherwise. He was extremely knowledgeable (has worked in the zone for 20 years), passionate, really funny and answered ALL of the questions I and everyone else had for him (which were a lot). We thought the Chernobyl tour was interesting by itself but my travel partner and I agreed that without Yuri, we would not have enjoyed it so much. So I would recommend this company 100%. I would also recommend eating a big breakfast because you only eat once during your trip - and the food is not so tasty :)

The place that cannot be boring”
USSR time travel, untouched for almost 30 years nature, wild Przhevalsky horses near the road, very kind and hospitable old self-settlers, the whole abandoned Pripyat city only for you and friends, mournful toys in kindergartens, abandoned resort at pine woods, gigantesque powerplant which scares the whole world, unforgettable lessons of dosimetry, the history of late USSR times, unforgettable time with friends and new friends - if you gave one or two or three days in Ukraine and some money (less that $100 for one day) - you SHOULD spend in there.

“Groomy'n'Loomy - Not for fun-seekers”
If you are not satisfied to see all human kind can mess-up on mother earth by watching the daily world-news and want to see it first-hand, just go, stroll around and, at your own risk, check the buildings out from the inside. In search for the end of the world. Be first on FB? Here you go. It is dull and saddening.
Martin P

“Amazing experience managed by professionals”
The experience itself is amazing and very recommendable to everybody.
First of all: do not be afraid of radiation. I studied nuclear physics and my target for long time was to visit Chernobyl with a Geiger (radiation counter) and I was surprised with the results I was getting during the trip. Just some understandable figures for everybody: the accumulated radiation after the whole day in Chernobyl and Prypiad was almost the double of a normal day in Kiev, and same as a 2 hours daytime flight, so no risk at all even staying for 20 minutes to 300 m far from the reactor 4 that day. A last note for skeptical and fearing people: When exiting Chernobyl you must pass 2 “radiation controls” similar to the security controls you find in the airports to be sure you don't “take” any radioactive products with you.
The tour operator: The excursion was perfectly managed and controlled from the very beginning. From the moment I got in touch with the tour operator via email, Anton was supporting me very fast and efficient. I immediately felt the reliability and confidence in his answers and requirements showing his professionalism, that’s why I decided to contract the tour with him.
The tour: We were 3 people and it was in a private basis on December 30rd. The transport was in a very comfortable and new Mercedes Vito equipped with Video player where we watched a very interesting video on the way from Kiev to Chernobyl. The guide was very polite, professional and with huge knowledge about everything and was showing us very interesting places during the tour. The driver was also very professional and was all the time on duty for us.
The experience: simply impressive, but better than describe it, just book it, get on and live it!

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