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What is the Chernobyl Zone?This is not just a job, it's our life.

Our team comprises of young (sometimes only at heart), passionate and dedicated guides. You may expect not only boring historical blah, blah, blah.. but also up-to date insight into Chernobyl reality, problems and politics.. always with individual, personal and often controversial commentary...
A trip to the Chernobyl Zone is the good opportunity to see the extraordinary post-apocalyptic world abandoned after technogenic catastrophe. Every visit is the unusual adventure in the lifetime. Connection with a bygone era, the open sky Museum of the USSR, the world abandoned military industrial, stalker creativity, post-apocalyptic aesthetic of the abandoned city, the sorrow and pain reflection of the Exclusion zone.

image Our best guide is Yuriy Tatarchuck.
Yuri Tatarchuk has a disconcerting way of demonstrating Chernobyl's grim radioactive legacy. An official guide at the wrecked nuclear power plant, he waves his radiation counter at a group of abandoned Soviet army vehicles that were used in the battle to clean up the contamination created by the reactor explosion in 1986.
"Some of these trucks are quite clean, but some of them not," he announces. A sweep of his counter reveals only a few clicks from their doors and roofs. Then he passes the device over one vehicle's tracks. A sudden angry chatter reveals significant levels of radiation.

The Guardian (
[Yuriy Tatarchuk, "Chernobylinterinform" Agency Member]:
“Pripyat is very interesting because we can see how life was during the Soviet Union. There are no other cities like this in the world, that remain unchanged from that era. And the Soviet Union is the most important milestone in our history that needs to be studied, and needs to be remembered, because if we repeat such errors again, then only empty cities will remain after us." ( And U can find a lot of materials with Yuriy in the Internet.

Contact with Yuriy:    Yuriy Tatarchuck on Facebook

image If You are good in photography we recommend U our artist guide:
Anton Yuhimenko
Armed with a camera and a dosimeter, photographer Anton Yuhimenko is exploring the remains of Pripyat and Chernobyl. He is photographing building interiors on foot, capturing haunting scenes of empty schools and homes. He is the APOCALYPTIC PORTRAIT creator. Better to have a look on his photos to understand him. His photography is full of life.

Contact with Anton:     Anton Yuhimenko on Facebook     Skype chat (anton_yukhymenko)

His photos - are better then any words:

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