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About usChernobyl Zone project, tours to Chernobyl Zone


Our company is not just a typical tourist company or commercial project. We are not interested to organize an ordinary sightseeing tour on Ukraine (although we like to trip on Ukraine), to collect money and to build luxurious property on the shore of Kiev sea.

Our company is a community of people who really like the Pripyat city. Our aim is to collect and disseminate the information about the Chernobyl catastrophe. We are actively engaged in this process starting from 2006 and continue to do it today.

For us, the Pripyat city is not just a sightseeing to make a profit on. We like this city because some of us lived here before the accident. We remember the Pripyat city and Chernobyl zone before and after the explosion.

Our dream is to preserve the Pripyat city as a city-museum, the reminder and evidence about the Chernobyl catastrophe. To keep the city in virgin, to get feeling how the people lived here before the accident.

We do not like to use the word “excursion” to Chernobyl zone. Because we are doing it not just for fun. We are doing it to inform people about the Chernobyl tragedy.

We organize exhibitions and other events in different countries to bring people the information about the Chernobyl zone. We are taking part in different social and educational programs, publish books and photo albums. You can find it easily on our web site.


We are the first company who started to organize trips to Chernobyl zone. Today, approximately all tourist agencies are using our experience and materials on their web sites to attract the tourists to Chernobyl zone.

But if You want to get the best quality trip to Chernobyl zone, no one can do it better of us. The comfortable buses, experienced guides, professional dosimeter equipment, friendly registration on our website, easy payment system will make Your trip safe and comfortable. You will get a lot of information about the Chernobyl zone, meet people who lived there before the catastrophe and still living in Chernobyl zone. You will get the real picture and feeling about the Pripyat city and Chernobyl zone in general.


During the trip from Kiev to Chernobyl the unique video materials about the Chernobyl exclusion zone nowadays and some archive materials will be presented to Your attention. It will deep You to the atmosphere of the largest catastrophe on our planet – Chernobyl catastrophe.

With our experienced guides You will get an interesting and informative trip in Chernobyl zone in the group of 10 people or less. The walking trip in Pripyat city will take 3-4 hours.

We are absolutely sure, that You will not remain indifferent to the Chernobyl catastrophe after the trip. You will touch the history of one of the largest tragedy in the world, you will deep to the atmosphere of “dead” city, you will feel the breath of apocalypse. You will see the consequences of human error. Exactly in Pripyat city, walking by the narrow and wooded streets of this young and at the same time old city you understand the value of ordinary life.

Types of tours from the Chernobyl Zone

Все поездки проводятся исключительно качественно, мы любим свою работу!

  • Однодневный тур
  • от 650 грн.
  • 8-часовая дневная программа
  • комфортабельный автобус
  • кондиционер
  • страховка включена
  • Подать заявку на тур
  • Двухдневный тур
  • от 2150 грн.
  • расширенная двухдневная программа
  • питание
  • проживание
  • страховка включена
  • Записаться на два дня
  • Трехдневный тур
  • от 3250 грн.
  • насыщенная трехдневная программа
  • питание + проживание
  • комфортабельный транспорт
  • страховка включена
  • Записаться на три дня
  • Индивидуальный тур
  • от 4000 грн.
  • гибкость программы
  • транспорт с кондиционером
  • отсутствие других людей
  • вы можете сами собрать своих друзей
  • Поехать индивидуально

Другие типы поездок обсуждаются с клиентом индивидуально. Цена зависит от опций и длительности, а также пожеланий по объектам посещения.

We work all year around

Don't lose the opportunity to see the place, so many people talks about, but just few them have seen it - the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat city.
Our price starts from $85.